Top 3 Tips for Learning to Water Ski

Water skiing can be a ton of fun if you know what you're doing. However, it can also come with a steep learning curve. With a good teacher or the right tips, you'll be able to learn how to water ski, even if you're a first-timer.

learning to waterski

One of the biggest obstacles first-timers run into is finding a way to get comfortable with being behind the boat. Many people struggle with this, from children to adults. Here are three tips to help you learn how to water ski easier and faster.

Body Position

Before you ever go out onto the water, you can practice arching your back to get the right position for water skiing. This can be done by standing or sitting and practicing pinching your shoulder blades together. You'll be lifting your rib cage as high as you can when you do this, which will help teach your muscles the proper position for your upper body when it comes to skiing posture.

Next, you want to learn the position of the middle body. This can be done by getting a ski handle and attaching it to a doorknob. You want to hold the same posture for your upper body from above, while also laying back and driving our hips towards the sky. Your shoulder will end up behind your rear end and you want to try to get your hips within about eight inches of the ski handle.

The last body position you need to learn is the lower body. You want to adjust your knees to get your ankles positions just behind the front edge of your knees. It's much like the same feeling of being in ski boots for show skiing.

The Sitting Start Position

Knowing and learning the proper skiing position is vital and you don't need to be on the water to do it. However, you will still need to learn the sitting start position or you may never get up into the proper skiing position.

As you hold your ski handle (still attached to the doorknob), squat down by putting your knees together and make your feet as wide as your hips. You'll want to fully relax your arms so that handle ends up in front of your knees. This position is the sitting start position you will want on the water.

Use a Barefoot Boom

If possible, you can practice on what is known as a barefoot boom. This technology is an aluminum pole found off the side of a boat with cables attached to the front end of the boat. It's used by wakeboarders, and all types of water skiers to master the basics of skiing before getting behind the boat.

From the barefoot boom, you can progress to the five-foot rope, which attaches to the barefoot boom. After mastering this rope, you'll be well prepared to go behind the boat and get into the water.

As a first-timer, it can be difficult to learn how to water ski. These three tips will help you better learn the art of water skiing and you'll be up on the water in no time.