Essential clothing & accessories for your next fishing trip

One of the things you may not have put much thought into for your upcoming fishing trip is what you’re going to wear. You likely thought nothing more than just to wear your favorite fishing outfit and call it a day. In reality, being on the water comes with different risks and your clothing and accessories are important decisions that will keep you safe and protected.

boat clothing

In a cold climate, you would need to pack layers, water-proof outerwear, wool socks, and heavy jackets, but how does one in Jacksonville pack? Take a look at this guide to make sure you have all of the essentials ready for your upcoming fishing trip.

Protective and cool clothing

First, you’ll want to focus on clothing that will work for our hot and tropical climate. This means that you’ll be tempted to wear less and stay cool, but in reality, you are going to want to be covered to avoid getting too much direct sun. That is why you need to wear lightweight, long-sleeved shirts made of synthetic materials that will help you stay ventilated. Skip the shorts and put on a pair of synthetic pants that are rugged yet will quickly dry from sweat or wading in the water.

This is extremely important as you’ll find wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the sun all day will cause burns, dehydration, and heatstroke. A change of clothes is helpful in case you get wet or need something dry for the trip home.

Proper footwear

Next, don’t try to wear your regular, favorite Florida shoes on your fishing trip. You’ll want water shoes or sandals that are designed for wading or fishing from a boat. Water shoes and sandals work to prevent slipping on rocks in the water or slipping on the boat if the surface gets wet. Avoid injury with the proper shoes. Having an extra pair of shoes is always a good idea.

The right hat

You’ll probably be tempted to throw on your favorite baseball cap. While this is better than nothing, you should definitely consider a sun-protective hat with a full brim for better sun protection. Pick up a good fishing hat that will allow you to stay protected and reduce the glare as you’re trying to spot your next catch. It will also protect your neck and ears better than a baseball hat.


You’ll need some accessories too. Some people like to use a sun glove to avoid getting burnt hands during the hours in the sun you are fishing. A bandana will help to keep your neck and face covered better in the hot sun.

Pick up a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes and to ensure you can see underwater movement, but also pack a spare in case you lose your main pair. Throw in your pack a windbreaker and a rain jacket just in case you there ends up being a downpour, especially here in Jacksonville in the summer.

Personal items

You’ll also need some personal items for the trip besides the right clothing. Pack a bag and start with a good sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first aid kit. Make sure to pack any medications you normally take and any you may need from being outside all day. Then, make sure to pack anything you plan to use overnight, such as body wash, shampoo, and mouthwash. Don’t forget to bring a couple of towels.

Fishing supplies

For the actual fishing portion of the trip, you’ll need several supplies for a successful trip. Start with a backpack or tackle box and fill it with all of the essentials.

Bring your waders and boots along with a waterproof duffel bag and a waterproof box to pack your clothing, keys, wallet, and phone. Pack your fishing license, a map, a good multi-tool, fishing net, and an ice chest. You may need long-nose pliers to remove hooks from the mouth and a tape measure will be nice if you want to document your catch.

This is all of the essential clothing and accessories that you won’t want to forget for your next fishing trip in Jacksonville. Ensure a better experience by packing correctly before the trip.