April 27 Weekend Fishing Forecast

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, (doesn't matter what the calendar says)

As an Angler, my seasons are dictated by the weather and what the fish are doing.  March 20th may have been the first day of Spring for the landlubber crowd.  But for me, spring just arrived last week.  Because while on a charter we caught the first Spanish Mackerel of the year.  Yep, the Spaniards arriving is the kick-off in my book.  And should be in yours also.

Florida Fish Identification

One of the most intriguing aspects of Florida marine fishing is the constant repetition of the question, “What is it?” Rare indeed is the angler who, at some time during a fishing trip, doesn’t catch a fish that must be examined closely to determine its species.

March 30 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Between my last report and right now the Blue Marlin have migrated into the St. Johns River and record catches are happening from the Dames Point Bridge area all the way to the Mayport jetties.  The best bet is a kite rig, with a dangling leftover St. Patty's Day green sausage on a 1/0 circle hook.

March 2 Weekend Fishing Forecast

It wasn't that long ago, I was writing this report and the inshore waters were freezing.  Buddies of mine were talking dead or stunned fish South of Beach Blvd off the ICW.  Dead or stunned fish in the Lake in Queens Harbor neighborhood.  And I marked a river temp of 48 degrees on the surface, on a 20-25 knot morning.  We lasted only 2 hours out on the river in Mayport, that day.

February 23 Weekend Fishing Forecast

With Winter and the cold weather behind us here in the Northeast Florida region, expect the water temperatures to climb and the fishing to get red hot. The Redfish bite has been extremely good. Target creeks with deeper water adjacent to a flat, look for fish pushing in the shallow water and around oyster beds. Redfish are still running in schools, so the opportunity to boat several fish is a definite possibility.

January 26 Weekend Fishing Forecast

It may be a little cool…  but there are fish to catch!

The wind has really been hindering the offshore fishing the past couple of weeks.  We had a small window though, last week, where we were able to make it offshore.  We decided to take advantage of the great weather and stretch out to 60 miles.

December 1 Weekend Fishing Forecast

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  As the holiday season approaches, the temperatures are still dropping and the water is cooling down.  Fishing, this time of year, in the Northeast Florida area, is very good.  The Sheepshead bite has turned on in the region.  As the colder weather rolls in, the water temps will drop, and the bite will really turn on.