July 27 Weekend Fishing Forecast

As the year continues to wind down, August is migration month.  The Tarpon, Sharks, Kings, Flounder and several other species all start to migrate slowly towards Northeast Florida. And the bait is thick on the beach this time of year.  That too, brings a multitude of hungry predators along with it and some very exciting fishing opportunities.  Tarpon, Kings, Bonita, Jacks can all be targeted around the Pogie pods off the beach.

June 28 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Last month produced some fantastic fishing and as we roll into July the heat wave is going to be in full swing.  Get out early to beat the heat and late afternoon thunder storms.  I always carry more than enough fluids in my cooler to keep myself and my guests hydrated.  Also, don’t forget the rain gear.  North East Florida weather can change every 5 minutes…  so be prepared!

June 1 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Well the winds have finally started to back off…  but now we are dealing with torrential rains.  For some reason, Mother Nature will not leave us alone.  We've already had a named storm and it’s a week before hurricane season is even supposed to start.

April 27 Weekend Fishing Forecast

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, (doesn't matter what the calendar says)

As an Angler, my seasons are dictated by the weather and what the fish are doing.  March 20th may have been the first day of Spring for the landlubber crowd.  But for me, spring just arrived last week.  Because while on a charter we caught the first Spanish Mackerel of the year.  Yep, the Spaniards arriving is the kick-off in my book.  And should be in yours also.

Florida Fish Identification

One of the most intriguing aspects of Florida marine fishing is the constant repetition of the question, “What is it?” Rare indeed is the angler who, at some time during a fishing trip, doesn’t catch a fish that must be examined closely to determine its species.