5 Reasons to Join a Boat Club

Joining a boat club is a big deal. It's a step in the right direction if you want to be on the water and enjoy the ocean. With the right boat club, you don't need to own a boat to enjoy the benefits of boating.

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Have you been wondering if you should join a boat club in Jacksonville? Maybe you've been thinking about it, and your trigger finger is getting a bit itchy. Here are a few great reasons for joining a boat club.

Less Expensive

Compared to owning and maintaining your own boat, joining a boat club is less expensive. You don't have to deal with the ownership costs, such as actually buying the boat, paying for all the upkeep, and paying for repairs when that time comes.

The upkeep alone might cost a few thousand dollars every year. When you join a boat club, they cover all the costs of owning and maintaining the boats for you. In comparison, joining a boat club is less expensive compared to buying and maintaining your own boat.


When you buy a boat, you don't have any variety. You cannot just trade in your fishing boat for a cruising boat if you want to take out a group of friends.

With a boat club, you gain access to the entire fleet of boats. If you want to take out a specific fishing boat one day and a cruising boat the next, you have this option. The membership allows you to make this choice, which gives you the opportunity to boat in multiple ways.

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Test Out Boating

Maybe you're not even sure how much you'll want to be out on the water. If you spend thousands to buy a boat, you don't get a trial period. You're stuck with it, and if you don't enjoy boating, you'll have to sell your boat.

With a boat club, you get to test out the different types of boats and decide what you do and don't like. Heck, you might even find you don't really care for boating, and you'll be thrilled you didn't invest thousands in learning this lesson.

However, you might find out you love boating, and you love a variety of boat options. Unless you plan to own your own fleet of boats, a boat club will just make sense, in this scenario.

Never Miss a Weekend

If you love being out on the water every weekend, a boat club means you'll never miss a weekend. Owning a boat means, if an issue comes up, such as a major repair, you may not get to hit the water. Boat clubs take care of their boats and offer plenty of options, so you always have a boat you can take out on the weekend.

More Fun Without Owning a Boat

If you've dreamed of boating with your family, a boat club may be perfect for you. Since you won't need to own a boat, you can have more fun without worrying about all the hassle. Getting out on the water is easy, and you can take out the family whenever you'd like.

Joining a boat club isn't necessarily an easy decision. However, when you compare the cost to owning and you look at the benefits, joining a boat club may just be the perfect opportunity to create amazing memories out on the water.