Top Lesser Known Benefits of Joining Jax Boat Club

Joining a boat club comes with many obvious benefits, but there may be some benefits to membership that you would not have considered before. One of the more obvious perks is that you don’t even have to own a boat to join.

Who would guess that you can join a boat club without owning a boat, but with membership in the Jax Boat Club, you’ll have access to their fleet of boats on a regular basis?  Of course membership in a boat club comes with more hidden benefits too. Take a look at some of the lesser known perks to the Jax Boat Club.

Become a boater without the ownership

Joining a boat club like Jax Boat Club means that you can enjoy the perks of boat ownership without the actual hassles of owning a boat. That means that you can hit the water, enjoy your favorite way to explore Jacksonville, and make memories with your family without investing in a boat and the maintenance involved.

Simply choose from the club’s fleet and set up for a successful day on the water. Just like you wouldn’t buy the land to make your own golf course and maintain it, being a part of a boat club means you can share the facilities while still getting to enjoy the thing you love, hassle-free.

Our fleet is some of the finest in the area

Another perk at Jax Boat Club is the Fleet of the finest and most diverse styles of boats in the southeast.  Pick the boat that suits the activity you have chosen for the day…  bow riders with great sun pads, outboard deck boats for watersports, offshore and inshore fishing boats and express cruisers that members can use for overnight stays.

Not only do we have an extensive fleet to work with, but we even offer pet-friendly boats for families that want to take their furry friends along for the ride.  The fishing fleet is unparalleled with the perfect boats for a day of fishing wherever on the water you choose. Much smarter than buying one boat for your family & friends which you know will have a wide variety of interests.

We don’t charge renewal fees

When you pay your dues to become a member of the Jax Boat Club, you don’t have to worry about renewal fees or surcharges like other clubs will charge you. Additionally, when you join, you will remain a member as long as you pay your monthly dues. All you need is a one-time initiation fee along with your monthly dues to take advantage of club benefits.

You can make reservations online in advance

If you are trying to plan a trip out in advance, it’s easy to make a reservation right online. You don’t even need to pick up the phone or stop in our offices to reserve the perfect boat for your trip. Simply go online, login to your private account, and make your reservation whenever you’re ready and you’ll be booked in just seconds. You’ll be given options for boats and departure times depending on the type of membership you’ve signed up.

Our fishing resource center

Do you love hitting the water for a day of fishing but don’t know what to expect? We provide an online fishing resource center to help you out. We’ll help you choose the perfect fishing boat and provide you with a weekend fishing forecast to know what to expect. Additionally, we have information about regulations, bag limits, and seasons for the fish you are looking for.

We provide the toys too

Another hidden perk of boat membership here is that we’ll provide you the fun you want to have while on the water that you would have to buy if you just owned a boat yourself. We have water ski’s, wakeboards, tubes, and more that are all provided with your membership. You’ll save a fortune when you don’t have to buy the boat, maintain it, pay for a place to store it, and pay for all of these toys that you’ll want to use while you’re on the water.

A day on the water is easy

Lastly, you’ll have a radius of 35 miles to cruise which covers everything from Cumberland Island to South of St. Augustine. You can fuel up right at our marinas. You’ll have emergency supplies on board from life jackets to flares so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

With membership ion Jax Boat Club, you’ll find that often there are new boats added to the Fleet periodically and that insurance and towing coverage for Members is included to remove any stress you may have about boating. You will, of course, need to stay aware of the departure and return times when you take the boat out for a day of fun.

If you want to save a fortune on boat ownership, join the Jax Boat Club and enjoy all of the benefits of ownership without the hassles.

Jax Boat Club Front Office