What to Expect for the Spring Boating Season

It’s practically springtime here in Jacksonville and you may be wondering what changes to expect when it comes to your boating experiences going from winter to spring. Jacksonville is beautiful in the spring making the boating season a wonderful experience.

You can expect some warmer days, but the cooler days are not completely gone yet. While it’s not the same as the winter season, you still have to be prepared for the weather. Take a look at what to expect for the fabulous spring boating season ahead.

What will the weather be like?

The weather in Jacksonville during the winter can get chilly, so by the springtime, everyone is ready for things to warm up. Fortunately, it’s the kind of area where you can enjoy the outdoors all year long, especially since there are 221 sunny days per year here and the average annual temp is 70 degrees.

After a mild winter where you may have seen lows in the mid-40s, the spring will bring highs in the mid-70s. You may even see days in the 80s come May, but occasionally it may dip into the 60s.

It’s nearly perfect weather in the spring and something you should enjoy before the summer weather comes and brings in those 90-something temps where you just have to either be catching a breeze from the wind on the boat or be in the water to cool off.

What type of fish you may catch

While you’re enjoying those perfect spring temps, you’ll be fishing for a few certain species that are more common this time of year. For northeast Florida, expect March through May to be great for Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, and even Wahoo.  

variety of catches in the spring

While you may stumble upon a few other fish, such as Blackfin Tuna in March or Marlin in May, these are not as common as the fish listed above.

Things to do while on the water

While you’re out on the water this spring, get ready for some beautiful adventures. Whether you hit the beach, check out the river, or take part in the fun at one of many of the Jacksonville attractions and entertainment, there is so much to do around here. Review our Cruising Map to see the many places you can go!

The beaches around Jacksonville are easily accessible and beautiful to relax on or to access exciting water activities. Check out Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, as well as the beaches at Hanna Park, Huguenot Memorial Park, and Boneyard Beach.

When you’re ready to get out of the boat you can park at one of the amazing restaurants around Jacksonville with boat dockings, such as Clark’s Fish Camp, River City Brewing Company, and Palms Fish Camp. You can also dock at Jacksonville Landing and get out and explore the fun of the area.

On days with the whole family, be sure to pull up to Adventure Landing and hit the water park called Shipwreck Island.

When you’re gearing up for spring boat season in Jacksonville, these are some of the exciting opportunities you can look forward to ahead!