September 29 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Thanks to Hurricane Irma's passing, not exactly what "land-lubbers" would call a wonderful thing but to local anglers it was just what we needed!  Yes, Tropical storms, Hurricanes the great "re-newer". After a hot summer, all the rain and wind is a giant FLUSH and Something Mother Nature does, with a pretty awesome outcome, for Anglers!

From downtown Jacksonville to the Mayport Jetties the great flush brings bent rods and full fish boxes. The river went FRESH....yes, fresh water! Just what it is normally lacking as the river in this area is usually too salty (dredging, depth, the inflow of the Ocean water, not natural). Estuary species, love fresh water, at least "X" number of parts of it in the mix.

B-A-I-T....Mullet schools at the Mayport Jetties are thick and dinner bells for schools of Jacks, Tarpon, Sharks, and Redfish.

Around the Dames Point Bridge, I have found Redfish, Black Drum, freshwater Catfish, and my favorite, Speckled Sea Trout ganged up in the sweeter water. These fish will move around as the water changes.

A simple "jig-n-shrimp" will catch it all! Finding these species near rocks, docks, and hard bottom areas.     

Here's a link to my video. The first trip after the storm. From the Jetties to the Dames Point bridge. We left them biting.

YouTube Video Link:

Spread the word..." the storm was just what we needed to kick the fall season off, a bit early!"

-Capt. Dave (Jettywolf) 


Captain Dave Sipler