September 22 Weekend Fishing Forecast

With the mullet run in full swing, this weekend’s bite should be red hot! Flounder will be one of the target species to pursue and there are several different ways to catch them. When fishing the Intracoastal waterway grass line and creek mouths on the high outgoing tide, use live mullet on a fish finder rig or mud minnow on a jig head. Work the outside current edges of creek mouths and fish the grass lines slow and methodically for best results.

When fishing the St Johns river focus on docks, submerged rock piles and industrial structures in the river.  I prefer to use live mullet on a fish finder rig, pitching at docks and structures. Work the sides and angles from depths ranging from 3 to 12 feet; slowly work the bait back towards you and away from the structure. 

Another great opportunity will be bull redfish. This weekend, with high tide around noon, 
the last 2 hours of incoming and first 2 hours of outgoing tide will be the better times to fish.
Work the channel edges in 40-50 feet of water, with cracked crab and cut mullet being the baits of choice. 

For Flounder ¼ ounce jig heads, 2/0 circle hook with a 6 inch 20-30lb fluorocarbon leader attached to a swivel with a ½ to 1-ounce egg sinker depending on strength of current.

For bull redfish 7/0 or 8/0 circle hook with a 24in 60lb leader attached to a slider rig with a 6 to 8oz bank sinker. 

Target: Flounder
Bait: Live Mullet
Rig: 1/4oz jig heads
Where: Grass Line and Creek Mouths


Captain Chip Wingo