September 14 Weekend Fishing Report

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Captain Chad Starling

Since Hurricane Dorian ripped up our coast, the fish haven’t responded well.

All the kingfish we were catching have disappeared and are nowhere to be found.

The bottom fishing has definitely slowed down too, but there are still plenty of Red Snapper and a few Cobia around.

compilation of post-hurricane catches

All fishing should improve offshore as time goes by, but now I am hearing that we have to deal with another storm building in the Bahamas which may bring us more wind and much more rain.

Following the storm, the Mullet run went into “full steam ahead” mode with millions of mullet pouring out of the creeks and inlets onto the beach.  Tarpon, Sharks, and Bull Reds are also on the beach crashing the Mullet.

another compilation of Jacksonville fishing after the hurricane

There are still some pogies around but their location continues to be unpredictable day to day.

We did run a 10 hour trip recently and “did good” on the Beeliners but had to work super hard to get what we did.  The boys had to move around a lot and fish each area very hard to catch the fish.

The best thing going this week are the Bull Reds in the river.  Cut ladyfish, mullet, blue crabs are the bait of choice…  fished on the bottom along channel drop offs.  Both incoming and outgoing tides will produce fish.

Please be extremely mindful of CONSERVATION when landing and releasing these fish!  Get them back in the water as soon as possible to ensure their best chance of survival.

The Speckled Trout and Redfish bite in the river and creeks has been pretty good with some good numbers of Flounder as well.  Finger Mullet, Mud Minnows and Live Shrimp are the best baits - fished either in a bighead or under a float!

Tight lines!!

Captain Chad Starling
Team Buck Rogers Fishing Charters