August 23 Weekend Fishing Report

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Captain Dave Sipler

Date: August, 2019 (the summer month with three moons!)

Location:    St. Johns River, Jacksonville, Florida
Sub-Locale:    ''the great salty bay' (aka: Mayport to Dames Point area)
Target Species:    Redfish, Red Drum, Red Bass
Size Classification:    Always too big! (more senseless science) usually 30 inches to 30 pounds, for me.
Bait Live:    Croakers, Threadfin Herring.
Bait Dead:    Menhaden, Ladyfish, Chunk Baits - Free Bait

Yes, August 2019. The summer month with 3 Moons!

New moon: August 1st
Full moon: August 15th
New moon again: August 30th 

What does this mean? 

Higher high tides & lower low tides than the ''mean average'', especially on the new moons during the summer. 

Your day, is all about the tides.  And add in the effect of “which tides” and “when you fish” can really make a difference in your success.

large redfish

The low tide earlier in the morning versus a low tide at noon when the sun is blaring on the water and it's 100 degrees in the shade.

I don't pick the days I'm on the water. My customers do. It's always been that way.  When someone gives me a date the first thing I do is look at the tides & times.  Just looking at the days tides I already know what might or  might not happen.  You need to know the tides around here, like the back of your hand.

Oh yeah... ''there's an app for that!''

large redfish caught in Jacksonville

Being ole school and not living every moment via a smartphone, I really liked it when all I had to do was look at my Florida Sportsman Tide Planner Book that I also used as a reservation book. It was handier. Plus, I like trees.

But those days are gone. Paper is so environmentally incorrect, I guess.  Well, 5G doesn't sound very appealing either.

Here's the link of my Florida Sportsman Tide Planner farewell video:

“See you out there!”

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