May 25 Weekend Fishing Forecast

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Captain Don Taylor, Jr

As we roll into June, the weather, water temps and fish all start to transition.  For me personally, this is my favorite time of year.  As the water clears up, the water temperatures start to rise along with the air temperature.

Large Bull Redfish caught by Captain Don Taylor

The redfish bite is on fire this month.  Target reds in creeks with deeper water and mud flats.  As the weather gets warmer, the schools will break up and the fish will spread out.  Look for creeks that hold water on the low tide with an adjacent flat.  This should be one of your spots.

Bull Redfish in Jacksonville, Florida

A Mud minnow pinned on a jig head and pitched in the creek holes and around oyster bars should put fish in the boat.  Fish the first of the incoming or last of the outgoing tide.

The smaller reds are still running together, so handle these future keepers with special care.  If a rat happens to swallow the hook, cut the line instead of pulling his innards out.  The larger mature reds are still holding in deeper water.  Target these with a cut crab or cut mullet.  The 20ft -35ft depth is very productive.

This month is also a great month to start looking for big speckled trout.  The big girls roll in towards the later part of the month.  The average trout caught this month will be in the 1 to 4 lb. range, but the opportunity to catch a 25 to 30 inch Gator trout is a definite possibility.  When targeting trout, a variety of plastics, hard bait, and lures can all be very effective.  A mud minnow on a ¼ oz jig head worked in the current has produced several trout over 5 lbs. for my clients.  Look for eddy’s and moving water.

Captain Taylor - Lady with Redfish

Also, don’t assume the bait getting crashed on the flats and in the creeks is being chased by Redfish.  On several occasions now, clients have pitched at the bait getting busted and to their surprise they have hooked into some good solid trout.  The trout bite will continue to get better, and the fish will get bigger as we move into June.

Night fishing this time of year is hard to beat.  Focus on dock lights around the industrial areas and downtown Jax.  Monster Black Drum are being caught in the Inlet and near the Dames Point.  However, they will soon be making their way to the inlet.  Fresh dead shrimp and blue crab will entice these bruisers.  Target the 30 to 40 ft. depth of the river channel.

The sheepshead bite has turned on once again.  The Inlet, Little Jetties, White shell areas are still producing good numbers of convicts.  Fiddler crabs, oysters, and clams are the bait of choice.  Target reefs, wrecks, bridges, pilings, and the Jetty rocks.  A short leader, stiff rod and small size 1 hook is the set up for me, and very productive.

Boat traffic will be picking up, so be safe on the water and respectful of other boaters and anglers.  Get out and enjoy the weather and great fishing here in the North East Florida area.  I look forward to seeing you on the water.  If I can answer any questions or you would like to spend a day on the water catching fish call me at 904.318.9906 or email me at

Captain Don Taylor Jr.
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