June 1 Weekend Fishing Forecast

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Captain Chad Starling

Well the winds have finally started to back off…  but now we are dealing with torrential rains.  For some reason, Mother Nature will not leave us alone.  We've already had a named storm and it’s a week before hurricane season is even supposed to start.

It has been a terrible weather year so far for offshore fishing.

Cpt Starling Red Snapper catches

Now with that said,  if you can get offshore, the fish are really starting to show up.  We've been seeing some king mackerel, amberjack, cobia, dolphin, wahoo, plenty of red snapper, some grouper, a few seabass, vermilion snapper, triggerfish and plenty of sharks, barracuda, and some black fin tuna.

More red snapper, grouper, and other by Cpt Starling

Hopefully the rain will subside soon and give us some good offshore fishing!

We have been able to sneak in a few good days and are still catching…  when we can get out there!

huge shark catches off of Jacksonville

Still having good times!