August 24 Weekend Fishing Forecast

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Captain Don Taylor, Jr

Bait, bait, and more bait will be flooding into the waterways of Northeast Florida this month.

As this phenomenon takes place, the migration of several other species will follow.  Tarpon, Bull Reds and Flounder will all be in tow looking for easy meals on massive schools of mullet.  Last month schools of finger mullet started to appear in greater numbers in the ICWW and along the banks of the creeks and river.  In September, expect to see a lot more of mullet, shrimp and crabs.

The art of throwing a cast net will definitely come in handy.   The net will allow you to load up on bait and table food.

Shrimp can be found in the river, creeks and estuaries.  Docks in the river provide cover and are an excellent area to target.  Remember, when harvesting shrimp each individual may possess one 5 gallon bucket with the heads on.    On recent trips, good size shrimp are showing up in the net when casting for mullet.

The water temperature continues to hover around the 88 to 90 degree mark, so be patient.   With hot water and lethargic fish, slow down.  Let the bait do its job.  Allow the mullet and shrimp to twitch, wobble, swim and jump.  Fat fish that are full from gorging on a buffet of baits will not run down your offering in most cases.

The redfish bite has been steady.  Early morning will produce the best bite.  And the flounder bite is starting to pick up.  A mud minnow or finger mullet is the bait of choice.  On recent trips, clients have caught Flounder up to 5 lbs.

For both redfish & flounder, target the banks of the ICWW on the last of outgoing or first of the incoming tide.  Another fun, and very effective way to target fish is cruising the ICWW or creeks slowly looking for bait pods being crashed.  This will allow you to cover ground and locate fish that are feeding.  It beats just sitting in the hot sun waiting on a bite.

September is a very exciting month of fishing.  Hit the water and enjoy all the First Coast has to offer. I hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the brief Snapper season.  I certainly did.

A few of the boats in the Jax Boat Club Fishing Fleet

A few of the boats in the Jax Boat Club Fishing Fleet

If you would like to spend a day on the water catching fish, or if you have a question, feel free to contact me at 904.318.9906 or at

I look forward to seeing you on the water.  Be safe, inshore, outdoors, go fishing.

Captain Don Taylor Jr.