August 10 Weekend Fishing Forecast

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Yes, you can!

I know, it's probably the least thought about fish when the air temp at 10:00 am is 95 degrees and the sun is glaring off the slick calm “mirror like” water on a hot August morning.

Right now, for me, since I'm a 100% “Big Gator Trout Snob”, the challenge of catching trout in the "daylight" versus midnight is one I must take on.  I don't do midnight charter trips.  I fish what I call normal human hours.  It's kinda’ what people expect, isn’t it?

Captain Sipler Gator Trout Catch in Jacksonville

So, if the tide is right.  (a low tide at 10 am – 11 am would be a perfect morning) and if we can quickly catch a dozen little croakers under 6 inches or throw the castnet over some prime sized 4 inch pogies – we have our ticket to success… right there!

Sipler Jacksonville Fishing Charter w/ large trout

My inshore motto during the deep summer doldrums - Go big, or don't go!

Fish shallow, (less than 15'), so you can get away with light sinkers, and of course, fish near structure.  You might be surprised at what lurks below!

Sipler fishing charter w/ large bull redfish

Big bull redfish that you thought were only on the channel edges of the river may surprise you too!

These pics are what we've caught lately, doing just as I described.  On light tackle and ½ oz. or less of weight.