When is it safe to take a baby on a boat?

A day out on the open water in a boat offers plenty of opportunity for fun with the entire family. But if you have especially little ones, make sure that they are up for the adventure; the U.S. Coast Guard has advised that infants shouldn’t travel by boat if they are under 18 pounds, which is likely to take place when babies are between 4 and 11 months old.

They should also be capable of wearing a personal flotation device. In fact, Florida law specifically requires any child under six to wear a protective device or life jacket once the boat has set sail.  

Until they reach 18 pounds, you are likely better off leaving your baby in the care of a loved one or sitter while you are off on the excursion. 

Once your kids are large enough to be supported with a lifejacket, it’s time to introduce them to the thrills of boating!

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