What Type of Fish to Expect in a Florida Summer

If you love to go hit the water during the hot Florida summers, you might find that it’s not only a great season for water sports, but also for getting out the fishing poles. Being a Florida boater makes it easy to take advantage of all of the great things that come with being on the water, like swimming among Florida wildlife, tubing behind the boat with the family, pulling up to waterfront dining, or catching your own dinner from your vessel.

Throughout the year you’ll find that Jacksonville offers opportunities to catch snapper, wahoo, black crappie, sunshine bass, largemouth bass, and grouper, but summertime offers catches that you won’t find the rest of the year. Take a look at what type of fish to expect when you hit the water this summer.

Fishing around Florida in the summer

With the kids being on summer break and families being on vacation, this is a great time of year to explore more of Florida and take advantage of fishing opportunities around the state. Florida has over 7,700 lakes and thousands of miles of rivers to take advantage of, in addition to the over 2,200 miles of shoreline. While staying in your town is a great way to get familiar with your favorite fishing spots, taking the opportunity to explore other parts of the state will open you up to the possibilities of other catches that you can’t get in your area during that season.

Around the state of Florida, you are likely to catch largemouth bass, snook, and tarpon. In Lake Kissimmee, Lake Okeechobee, Lake Tarpon, or Lake Toho, you are likely to see largemouth bass, the official freshwater fish of Florida that people from around the world come here to try to catch. They want that 10-pound bass that you may just find here in Florida in these specific lakes.

If you make it to the Tampa Bay or areas like the Jupiter Inlet, Charlotte Harbor, and 10,000 Islands, you’ll likely come across snook. They prefer warmer waters and are tricky to catch since they will sometimes rip through your fishing line. This is a great challenge to take on in the warmer waters of Florida.

Of course tarpon, the “silver king of sportfish” is going to be your popular gamefish if you are in the Florida Keys. You’ll probably find these in Lee and Charlotte counties as well and you will be limited to only two fish in possession. Make sure you have a tarpon tag if you are going to keep it.

Florida Fishing - Casting rod in rod holder on boat

What you’ll find in Jacksonville

With all of the water access in Florida, it’s no wonder that the state has produced close to 1,000 world records for fishing. Having access to prime fishing areas right here in Jacksonville is an excellent perk of living in this area. While you are fishing in the area this summer, you’ll be likely to come across a lot of different breeds. Take a look at this link for the Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations, Bag Limits & Seasons.” You’ll be surprised.

Summertime is that one time of year when you’re likely to catch your bigger fish and you’ll also have to be more careful about the time of day you are fishing because of the heat. Be sure to plan on fishing expeditions for the morning hours, avoiding that afternoon sun, and make sure you are reserving your spots early if you plan to take part in a charter fishing adventure.

While you can enjoy fishing any time of year in Florida, summertime is the time to look out for these favorite catches. Take advantage of the opportunities here in Jacksonville and also plan some time to get out to catch some other favorites around the state this season!