3 Popular Spots Within our Cruising Area

When you join the Jax Boat Club, you get access to a large fleet of our finest boats that are perfect for a day on the water with family, with friends doing some water sports, or with your buddies trying to catch dinner. When you take out one of our boats, we give access to a large radius of locations you can travel to in our cruising area that are highly popular locations.

Not only can you go to some beautiful areas for a peaceful getaway like Cumberland Island, but you can dock the boat at downtown waterfront and be a part of the action of city life. Take a look at these 3 popular spots within our cruising area that you’ll want to go back to time and time again.

Popular Spots in Jacksonville Boating Area

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is actually a part of our neighboring state just north of us: Georgia. This National Seashore of Georgia is a beautiful destination not to be missed. Arriving by boat makes it all the more special where you’ll encounter undeveloped beaches, pristine forests, and wide marshes. It’s where you can go to find true wilderness.

This area is a popular place for camping, biking, guided tours, and viewing wildlife. It’s actually the largest barrier island to the state of Georgia and it features some of the most natural habitats in the world. You’ll not only enjoy the water, the beaches, and the history, but you’ll never believe the incredible wildlife that may pass you by here. You’ll want to come back again and again to spend more time with those loggerhead sea turtles, the wild horses, and the variety of birds.

Kingsley Plantation

If you’ve never visited the Kingsley Plantation, you’ll definitely want to see it from your boat from the Jax Boat Club. The Kingsley Plantation is a beautiful historical site in which you can tour the property and learn more about the history of this plantation and the people that came from it. It was once a place where slaves were working the plantations for their owners before later becoming free and becoming landowners themselves.

It’s located up at Fort George Island at the Fort George Inlet and it’s managed by the US National Park Service within the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. While it used to be 1,000 acres in size, most of the plantation was taken over by forest making the actual structure and grounds only 60 acres in size.

St. Augustine Municipal Marina

Found in the southern section of our cruising area, the St. Augustine Municipal Marina is very popular. It's a treasure many boaster enjoy regularly because it offers access to some very popular attractions, along with plenty of necessities.

The marina offers a fuel dock, public restrooms, a laundromat, and more. Of course, the main reason to cruise here is to check out "The Nation's Oldest City" and all the historic sights found throughout. You can also enjoy plenty of great restaurants, shopping options, and more from the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.

With access to locations like these, you’ll want to join the Jax Boat Club today. You’ll love the varieties of locations you can take our fleet to with your family!