Safe Tubing Tips

Invest in towline rated to the proper capacity. Minimum 2,375 pound lines for 2 passengers and 4,100 pounds rated lines for 4 person models.  6,000-pound ratings for 6 person inflatable.

Make sure to attach the line properly to both the boat and the tube.

Make sure to fully inflate all bladders until they feel firm with no wrinkles.

Do not overinflate.  Excessive pressure can cause seams to tear.

Pick a safe spot with deep water for boat and away from the shoreline and other obstacles.

Adhere to rated passenger capacity ratings.  This makes for better safety and better rides… and more fun too.

Do not put more people on the tube than it is rated for…  overloading will deteriorate the quality of the ride as well as create a safety hazard.

Always use a spotter to watch for signals from riders and to spot problems.

Speeds up to 20 miles per hour are usually safe for S turns and maneuvers to cause the tube to cross your wake.

When you are whipping riders over the wake, keep them close outside the wake to finish.  Do not go extremely wide.

Do not tube at excessive speeds.

Stay clear of other boats, docks, and the shoreline.  A guideline is to make sure you are at least three times your rope length away from any obstacle.

It is not only up to the captain to assure a fun ride but also to make sure all is safe.

safe tubing tips