How to get a fishing license in Florida

If you’re new to the boating world, you’re probably wondering how to go about getting your fishing license from the state of Florida. It’s a pretty simple process and one that you can accomplish in no time. This is one of the best states to fish since it has both excellent saltwater and freshwater fishing locales for you to venture out to.

You can become an angler too by obtaining a Florida fishing license which will require a quick form, your ID, and some cash. It can even be done online! Take a look at the fishing license options in Florida, what you’ll need to get them, and how much it will cost for your kids or other family members to get one too.

Who can get a fishing license?

Anyone can get their Florida fishing license, but children under 16 and Florida residents 65 years or older don’t need one. Military members that are Florida residents and stationed outside of the state or at home in leave for a month or less won’t need one either. You also won’t need one depending on your fishing location plans.

Where to begin

The best way to begin the licensing process is to try some of the free fishing locations first to make sure you’re going to be serious about your fishing needs. You won’t need a license if you are fishing in saltwater from land or a structure attached to the land, at a man-made pond on private property, or if you’re fishing with cane poles in your county of residence. As far as boating is concerned, you can fish for free in saltwater from your boat with a vessel fishing license.

There is also a free fishing weekend to give you a chance to do it without a license before you purchase your official license. This takes place the first weekend of April where no license is required for freshwater fishing in Florida for the whole weekend, giving newbies and the unlicensed to try it out before buying their license.

Choosing a license

If you’ve decided to go ahead and get your fishing license, it will cost you less than $50 to make it happen for the year. For residents wanting a saltwater or fishing license for a 12-month period, it will cost only $13.50, but if you want both together it will be $25.50. if you aren’t a resident yet, it will be slightly higher at $16.50 or $31.50.

You can also choose from some unusual options, such as the 5-year recreational freshwater or saltwater license options for $79 or the life pass for $400-$1001 depending on your age. Non-residents can get a 3-day pass for $17 for freshwater or saltwater fishing, or a seven-day license for $30. They also sell Florida commercial saltwater licenses if you plan to sell or trade your products from the ocean.

How to get my license

You can easily get your fishing license online with an additional fee of $2.25 as well as a 2.5% surcharge. They will also charge a $3.25 plus a 2.5% surcharge if you do it by phone by calling 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA. You can avoid the additional fees by heading over to the county tax collector’s office or pay a smaller fee by buying from a fishing store. Just be sure to bring your proof of residency for the lower price and a credit card if paying over the phone.

What else do I need?

Once you’ve covered the license, you’ll need the proper gear to enjoy the experience. Learn about great fishing spots and then stock up on a good fishing pole, get the proper live bait for the fish you want to catch, and then head out during sunrise or sunset when the fishing is best. When you’re on the boat, be sure to always have your driver’s license, fishing license, and boat registrations and insurance with you at all times. Make sure you check out our Florida Fishing Report / Weekend Forecast before you head out!

Now that you have the details, get your license and get out there and start enjoying the fishing life in this glorious fishing state! You’ll love having this extra opportunity on your boating weekends in Florida.