Best Sunglasses for Boating

One of your favorite accessories cruising the water in Florida is likely a good pair of sunglasses.  Not only do they make you look good, but they give you a break from the blazing sun when you’re trying to cruise in the water or talk to your passengers.

With so many options out there, you may not know what quality pair to choose from that will give you the ultimate sun protection and style.  Get rid of those $20 sunglasses you bought at the convenience store and upgrade to one of the better brands that help your vision suitable for life on the water.

The Importance Boating Sunglasses when You are Fishing

When you’re on the water, it’s more important than ever to give your skin and eyes protection from damaging UV rays.  Not only is protection important, but being comfortable and having the best visibility possible will make all of the difference.  When you combine direct light and reflected light from the water, everything is much brighter than on land.  You’ll also notice this on windshields or bright white decks.

best sunglasses for boating

When you experience this brighter light reflection in addition to direct sunlight, it makes the eyes tired and increases the chances of headaches.  Excess sun exposure can also damage the eyes and cause diseases such as macular degeneration.   Fortunately, you can get glasses made for the fisherman or general boater that contain a darkening amber, green, or gray color to reduce the light by up to 90 percent.

You should look for glasses with a polarized lens with a visible light transmission between 15-30% that has a flatter lens for less distortion.  Look for polycarbonate materials and a lightweight, durable frame made of nylon or something similar.  Look for styles such as a “Fishing Style” with small side lenses, clip-ons if you wear prescription glasses, aviator style, double bridge, or wrap-around.

Popular Brands and Models

If you’re looking for suggestions on specific sunglasses for getting out on the water, you’ll have good luck with brands like Oakley, Ocean Waves, Costa Del Mar, and WileyX.  Check out the Costa Del Mar Jose in the glass option for a great viewing experience or the Oakley Wind Jacket in which you can snap on a gasket that turns your sunglasses into goggles for when the water is splashing you as you cruise.

Ocean Waves has great options for the water including the Madrid and Kauai models.  Be sure to check out WileyX for a wrap-around style that cuts the glare in your periphery, or the Onos Vicious Fishing Fierce glasses for a lightweight option while on the water.

These five brands take the cake for best sunglasses for boaters.  The most important thing to do is choose polarized sunglasses to protect from UV damage while blocking the glare of the water, and having the option to protect your eyes from all angles while being able to handle the wind generated while on a moving boat.

If your primary focus is fishing, look for a brown or copper lens for fishing in the early morning or late evening.  It allows for the best visibility.  You’ll love a gray lens if you tend to fish in the middle of the afternoon or in deep waters, but go with a yellow or amber tint if you often find you are fishing in cloudy or foggy conditions.

Be sure to pick up a quality pair of sunglasses before your next outing to ensure the best visibility and safety of you and your passengers…  and protection from sun damage.