Thanksgiving Weekend Fishing Forecast

Ez - P'ezy fishing! I love this time of year! Not only are the fish very willing participants in my favorite activity.  But, it can also be so "low-tech".

An old mentor of mine was Capt. Fred Morrow. You may have known of him or seen him in his small blue and white boat at the Mayport Jetties with plenty of St. Johns River camouflage on the bottom and sides (aka river tannin stains). His motto was; "Low tech fishing at its’ finest". Which can pretty much sum up this time of year in the river, ICW and at the Jetties.

As a general rule, I never leave the dock without "pounds" of fresh dead shrimp, along with a live well with dozens of live ones too. Lately, I've been doing a lot of jig-n-shrimp fishing. Worked around the Mayport Jetty rocks. Either a ¼, ⅜, or ½ ounce un-painted ball lead heads… and to that, we add a shrimp [hooked, of course, in a certain fashion that I will explain in a later report.] Either pitched up in the jetty rocks or along structure in the river. It’s the "inshore staple".

B-u-t… the 'low tech" thing about it is, we've been catching just about as many fish on dead shrimp and a jig head as we are on the expensive live shrimp. And that's what I love about this time of year. It's, ez-p'ezy!

Here's a day earlier this month where we dropped anchor once all day and stayed hooked up all day on dead shrimp, and various size jig heads.

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Captain Dave Sipler

Sipler Sheepshead Catch 11.24.17.jpg