November 16 Weekend Fishing Report

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Captain Don Taylor, Jr

Is December considered a winter month? I’m not really sure, but I can say the cooler temps and the water being in the 60’s will have the Trout chewing and the Redfish schooling.

Target trout in creek mouths, ledges and moving current.  Mud minnows, plastics, and a variety of hard baits will all put speckle’s in the boat.  In most cases, either side of the tide will be productive as long as the current isn’t ripping too hard.

3 nice redfish caught with Captain Don Taylor

Redfish can be caught on the flats sunning, in the creek holes, docks and areas with good structure.  With the cooler water temperature, schooling fish will be out and about.  However, you may have to weed through the puppies to land a few good slot fish.

The Flounder bite has finally shown up in the Northeast Florida area.  On several trips, guests have landed flat fish up to 6 lbs.  A jig head and a mud minnow has done the trick.  Remember, the lower the water temperature, the more you need to slow down your retrieve.  Also, if possible, use a lighter weight such as a ⅛ instead of a ¼ oz.  This will allow your bait to fall slower thru the water column and give picky fish more time to look and make up their mind to inhale your offering.

Large Flounder caught on Don Taylor’s Fishing Charter in Jacksonville

Christmas is right around the corner.  Do not forget the reason for the season.  Also, take the time to tell your friends and family how much you appreciate and love them.  I would like to thank everyone who has made this such an awesome year for Inshore Outdoors Fishing.  I am truly blessed and humbled by the opportunity to do what I love for a living.  I look forward to 2019 and the new and exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I look forward to seeing you on the water.

If you have a question or would like to spend a day on the water, feel free to give me a call at 904.318.9906 or email me at

Just Fishing,

Captain Don Taylor Jr.