March 9 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Just when you think we have winter behind us, break out the pants and jackets again!! I'm over winter, seriously.  Our water is so cold, it has completely affected our fishing this winter and not in a good way.

Before this cold front, the water had slowly started to warm up a little and the black sea bass began to move back into our closer ledges and we were catching some nice fish.  The wind has been relentless so our opportunities have been limited but hit it right and you can still make a big hit.

When you can get out, black sea bass, ringtail porgies, sheepshead, and red snapper is what's happening inside 15 miles.  Outside 15 miles, vermilion snapper, triggerfish, and an occasional cobia could show up.  On the 12 hr day trips and out 45-65 miles, wahoo fishing is at its peak this time of year.  Blackfin tuna, dolphin, barracuda, and jacks.  Amberjack opened up March 1st, so they are back on the table literally.  It's a great time of the year, things are changing and as spring approaches, it will just get better! Let's go fishing!

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Captain Chad Starling

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