March 1 Weekend Fishing Report

Captain Sipler - Jacksonville, FL

Captain Dave Sipler

FILLETING SHEEPSHEAD...  there is another way!

I'm the kind a guy who loves Speckled Trout because of what it takes to either catch a bunch of them or what it takes to catch big ones here in N.E. Florida. 

gator trout in Jacksonville

And while filleting them for customers, I usually mention the fact that, along with a Whiting, there's not really an easier fish around here to fillet and skin to boneless ''back strap'' perfection. 

I've always disliked cleaning Sheepshead. And while here, throw in Redfish and its ugly cousin the Black Drum.

gator trout

Guess you could say that being a float-rig and live Shrimp fishing machine, targeting Speckled Trout for 9 months out of the year has spoiled me when it's time to put a knife to those 'other species'.

Then, after years of cussing while at the stern mounted fillet table on my 26' Jettywolf, year after year, I talked to Captain Paul from Texas.

filleting a fish

Captain Paul developed the Filletzall Blade. And since then, I always look forward to cleaning the nastiest, scaliest, most armor-plated fish we can stick a hook in.   

Unlike touch screens in the dash or 4 doors on a truck, I love innovations.  Especially when they are tools and knives mixed together.  I love knives. I love power tools.

That's why I just had to get the Filletzall system, which are Dexter-Russell 'made in the USA' scalloped fillet blades with the end machined universally to fit in any reciprocating saw. A Makita one-handed lithium battery operated reciprocating saw is recommended.


Captain Sipler’s catch

Here's a link to my YouTube video at the 2018 JOSFC EL Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament, where I volunteer as a fish cleaner.  

filleted fish

If you never knew such blades existed, or you’re like me and love power tools and knives. Well, here's your personal FYI. 

Every time I drop a big nasty scaly fish on a fillet table and whip out my set of Filletzall blades and my Makita reciprocating saw, I'll grunt a few times like 'Tim, the Tool Man Taylor, and say to myself....  'MORE POWER!'

Capt. Dave's Sport Fishing