July 13 Weekend Fishing Forecast

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I like to think that there's lots of free bait swimming out there.  But, really.  Is there any bait that's free?  Maybe a better way of thinking about it is ''easier bait.''

And I horde Shrimp.  I keep and freeze all leftover & unused live shrimp so I can use it as dead Shrimp…  on another day.

Well that’s not really free, but I'll squeeze every useful piece out of a bag of fresh frozen Shrimp.  I'll definitely get my money’s worth.

As a consummate cheap skate, angler and fishing guide, I have a saying, "Never leave home without some dead shrimp".

When I fished offshore years ago, the saying then was, "Never leave home without a box of dead Cigar Minnows."

Both can save the day.  I don't care how good of a bait catcher you think you are.

Inshore, live and dead Shrimp are a mainstay for most fisherman, without a doubt.  But, when it gets into the deep dark depths of Summer I get as frustrated as the next guy when it comes to all the little bait stealers.  [4" Mangrove Snappers, Pinfish, Piggy Perch, Seabass, Sand Perch etc.]

But there's one little guy out there that'll eat up your Shrimp, and I don't cuss ‘em.  I'm actually glad to see them.  And that's the tiny Croaker.  Preferably, four inches. 

I hate running around throwing a cast net on Pogies.  Just for a dozen or so.  I don't like chasing around trying to get Mullet either.  Especially with customers  on board.  So small Croakers are welcomed aboard the Jettywolf.  Because I use them for bait.  Heck, I'm in the fishing business.  And people want to fish, not ride around.  And people like catching Croakers and so do I!

Trout caught on Cpt Sipler's charter

They are superior Gator Trout bait.  They are superior Redfish bait.  And again, I have a saying...

"Put a little Croaker where it doesn't belong and watch what will happen to it".

If you don't believe me.  I have lots of Proof!

Here's a video link of July 8th:  https://youtu.be/n_gHuZ76Fq

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