January 26 Weekend Fishing Forecast

It may be a little cool…  but there are fish to catch!

The wind has really been hindering the offshore fishing the past couple of weeks.  We had a small window though, last week, where we were able to make it offshore.  We decided to take advantage of the great weather and stretch out to 60 miles.

I noticed the water temp out to about 15 miles never made it above 45 degrees - this is very cold for us in North Florida, so hardly anything is active inside of 15 miles… except for sheepshead.

We started trolling at about 52 miles and worked our way out to 60 miles before turning back.  We picked up 1 nice wahoo, about 50lbs before we started bottom fishing.  While bottom fishing, we had a really good variety of triggerfish, vermilion snapper, mutton snapper, red porgy, almaco jack, amberjack, and sharks.  We ended with a great bag of fish!

If you can catch the weather right, you can really put together a nice bag of fish right now.  It will only improve as we approach Spring!

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Captain Chad Starling

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