January 18 Weekend Fishing Report

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Captain Chad Starling

A beautiful Jacksonville, Florida sunset on the water
A fishing rod trolling offshore

This time of the year between October and April, we are in the Fall/Winter/Spring transition so the ocean is changing a lot. But if you can catch the weather right, the longer trips are best if you really want to fill the freezer.

A fisherman holding his catch with Team Buck Rogers
Man holding red snapper catch

From 30-65 miles we are bottom fishing for triggerfish, red porgy, vermilion snapper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, and amberjack. trolling the deep blue can also yield wahoo, dolphin, black fin tuna, and even a sailfish. It usually takes a couple of us over an hour to clean the fish brought home on these trips… so it’s a busy day.

The shorter trips like the 4 hour trip is designed more for entertainment. We can bottom fish for red snapper. Since they are so plentiful, you stay busy and can land fish over 20 lbs. You also have the chance to catch some fish to eat like black sea bass, ringtail porgies, trout, and cobia.

On the 6 hour and 8 hour trips, we are mainly bottom fishing for vermilion, black sea bass, cobia, ringtail porgies, and some cobia.

All of our trips are designed for you to have a great time and also meet whatever your goal is.  Whether you want to fill the freezer or just spend the day bending a rod and feeling a fish pull hard.

Come spend the day with us! We will do everything we can to make you feel like you picked the right boat!  

Captain Chad Starling
Team Buck Rogers Fishing Charters

proud couple and their red snapper catch