August 4 Weekend Fishing Forecast

Jacksonville's fishery is unique in that it offers a variety of species found in different parts of the country stretching from Texas to the Carolinas and as far south as the Florida Keys. From fishing the creeks and the back waters to the jetties and the St. Johns river there are plenty of fish to be caught. Although we have plenty of species indigenous to north east Florida, we do have migratory fish passing through as well. Different seasons can offer various species to target.

Summer time inshore fish to target are red fish, lady fish, jacks, flounder, mangrove snapper near and off shore, kingfish, tarpon, sharks, and amber jacks. All the species listed can be caught throughout the summer months and can usually be targeted regardless of tide or time of day. Most of my trips during this time of year involve children and teens so it can be tough to target just one species. Instead, I target numbers of fish and I move around more. Instead of sitting in one spot for an hour I will use a 15 or 20-minute rule. If you do not receive bites in that time frame it’s on to the next spot. This time of year is hot but the boat ride moving from spot to spot not only cools everyone down but it adds a little adventure to the trip.

Red fish are pushing up from the south part of the St. Johns River due to low salinity levels caused by all the rain and are making their way back to the north river and ICW areas.  Best time to catch them will be on the entire out-going tide cycle using live shrimp, mud minnows or cut mullet tipped on 1/4oz jig heads. Ricks bait and tackle can supply all tools necessary to have a successful fishing day on the water.


Captain John Eggers