December 7 Weekend Fishing Report

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Captain Dave Sipler

The easiest fishing there is in Jacksonville, right now!

Be it. the St. Johns River, the ICW, the tidal marsh creeks. The Mayport Jetties, or even 10 miles offshore.

Fishing a lead jig-head and a live Shrimp or even a fresh dead shrimp, couldn't be any easier this time of year for a vast number of species.

You read that right. Even, offshore. I say that because I've done it when the water temps are low, and had a ball on light tackle.

Cut & paste these URL's into Google and watch for yourself:


Yes, a jig and Shrimp. The absolute "go-to" of the N.E. Florida fishing scene when the water temps are not warm. (as in deep dark summer time)

Why now?  Because, there's way more "desirable's" around, and less bait stealing thieves when the water's cold.  

Where? Along any structure that has a nice easy current.

shrimp bait

What kind of jig-heads?  I have containers full of simple ball-head unpainted jigs with a decently stout Eagle Claw gold hook. In various sizes, from ⅛  to ½ ounce. There is absolutely no need for some giant thick black expensive hooks on a jig-head, or even paint for that matter. Locally, most fisherman stay away from jig-heads meant for some fancy plastic bait, and opt for a shorter shank hook on the jigs. No need for buck-tails, or feathers......''you're fishing Shrimp'', that's what the fish smells and wants. No added accoutrements! 

You can find these style jigs at local bait shops, Academy Sports (usually in better stock on-line, then in local stores) and at Walmart.

Added benefits: The same jig-head can be fished with not only a live shrimp, a fresh dead Shrimp, but you can also do a jig-n-fiddler crab combo meal also. Versatility, is a key factor. DO NOT JUST BUY ONE PACK OF 3 JIG-HEADS AND THINK YOU'RE SET. BUY HANDFULS! BECAUSE IF FISHED PROPERLY. YOU'RE GOING TO LOOSE A BUNCH!

unpainted jigs with a decently stout Eagle Claw gold hook

Stay warm, stay dry. And I'll see ya'll out there,


Captain Dave Sipler heading out to fish in Jacksonville