December 15 Weekend Fishing Forecast

The Multi-Species, "Relaxation Method"

HUH? That’s what you're probably thinking after reading that title. Well, that's how I feel about my favorite way of winter fishing.  And I do a lot of it.  Right Now. "Float-rig fishing", aka slip float fishing. 

With a bait well full of frisky winter Shrimp. Anchor up along any rocky, shell covered, area.  Or between some docks with lots of old pilings. Set your depth of your float, pin on a live shrimp, and drop it behind the boat and let N.E.  Florida's St. Johns River, or Intracoastal waterway's unnatural abundance of tidal current drift your float near the structure.

The float goes down...
Start reeling!

NO precision casting needed.
NO losing rigs, sinkers, and hooks.
NO trolling motor needed.

Right now you can catch Speckled Sea Trout, Yellowmouth Trout (weakfish), Redfish, Black Drum, Flounder, Croakers, and even the fall & winter seasons most popular fish of all time...  Sheepshead, by simply fishing one rig and hitting some structure spots all while anchored up.  Chilling out.  Staying clean, no messy baits, all in the 4’ to 20' depths.

I find it a very relaxing way to fish.  And many of my customers "get hooked" on it.  Calling to request a day of Float-rig fishing.   Yes, it's known as a great way to Trout fish.  But, believe me. If it eats a shrimp. You can catch it.  It's a technique that's rooted in tradition and has been catching multiple species of fish.  From the Carolina's through Ga. basically south to Daytona.  Where ever, the tide can be made useful.  Rather than be an aggravation.

Lately, for myself and customers.  It's been limits of Speckled Trout mixed with Sheepshead.

Don't let the cold and wind fool you into being a couch potato.  No one ever caught a ''Trophy fish'' eating chips and watching TV on the couch.  Right now, is some of the best inshore fishing of the year!

Want to learn the fine art of relaxing and float-rig fishing?  Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and reserve a day aboard the Jettywolf.

Captain Dave Sipler

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