August 25 Weekend Fishing Forecast

August is a tricky month; where I fish in the river, it is pretty much no different than July. It's all about dealing with the heat and very warm water.

First thing in the morning I go get live Pogies behind the surf by tossing a cast net. I’ll head to the south hopefully no further than Hanna Park. Another option is to pick up fresh frozen Pogies or Mullet at B&M bait and tackle. For insurance, I never leave the dock without several pounds of fresh dead shrimp. (Black Drum, Mangrove Snappers, Sheepshead, and Whiting).

My target species is Redfish whether in the river or at the Mayport Jetties. I say, "targeted species” but any drag puller will do while bottom fishing, for instance Jack Crevalles, Sharks, or the occasional Jetty Tarpon that happens to get hooked up. Heck, it's still the height of summer, big fish ACTION, is the key word. Without spending hours, boat riding.   

My rigging is quite proprietary. But you can easily use a 3-way swivel leader (50# mono), 2/0-6/0 hooks and have PLENTY of bank style sinkers in various weights from 2-10 oz.- you will find yourself using mostly 4-8oz. Out this way, the current is swift, to say the least so pretty beefy tackle is needed for bottom fishing this area of St. Johns River. The light action rods and small spinning reels just won't do. Just use the offshore trolling tackle.

I'm concentrating my efforts on Big Redfish from Blount Island to the Mayport Jetties. And especially the "old Little Jetties area” where the ICW intersects the St. Johns River, on the south bank. You will see plenty of rocks, edges, and ledges under water. 

Target: Redfish
Bait: Pogies
Rig: 2/0-6/0 hooks
Where to Fish: Blount Island-Mayport Jetties


Captain Dave Sipler