April 20 Weekend Fishing Forecast

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Captain Don Taylor, Jr

As April goes by and we roll into May, expect the wind to be consistent and, of course, those afternoon or late evening showers will be plentiful.  Plan your trip accordingly and take the necessary gear needed to help your trip be fun and successful.

The Redfish bite is on FIRE!  When other species don’t cooperate or simply can't be found, the Redfish seem like they are always in an eating mood.  Target the last of the outgoing and first of the incoming tides.  And remember the slot is not less than 18” or more than 27” & 2 per person per day.

Red drum w/ fire behind fisherman

Blue crab fished on a No Brainer Rig* is an easy and very effective technique.  Also, dead shrimp pinned to a ¼ oz jig head pitched around oysters and ambush points has produced fish this week.  For the young anglers, a popping cork drifted along the grass line and close to structure with a live mud minnow or live shrimp can be effective and a lot of fun for the little ones.

The trout bite has been hit or miss but target them in all the normal areas.  Lately, the run and gun technique has been the best option for finding trout.  In other words, keep moving.  When you do get a bite or two, the odds are it will continue.  Plastics and mud minnows have been the bait of choice.  The early am top-water bite is always exciting.  Look for moving water adjacent to a ledge, structure or drop off.  6 per person per day, not less than 15” or more than 20”.

The flounder bite has returned.  Most flatties are in the 12 to 17-inch range.  Remember, the minimum length to keep is 12 inches.  Keep in mind there isn't a whole lot of groceries on the smaller ones, so let them grow if you can.

Large Black Drum are moving through our area.  Fish the deeper areas of the channel with fresh dead shrimp or blue crab.  Bring the heavy tackle!  Reports this week of 20 to 60-pound fish being caught.  Go heavy on everything.  Make sure you have a heavy action rod, heavy leader and at least a 4000 size reel.  Target these monsters in the 30ft to 42ft depth range.  The limit is 5 per person and the slot is not less than 14” or more than 24”. [May keep one over 24”]

Pompano and Whiting are being caught in good numbers around the Jetties and The Inlets.  Shrimp, Sand fleas and clams are getting the job done.

May is a great month for fishing, the water will continue to get warmer, the weather will mostly nice and there are holidays…  so no working!  The bite will just continue to get better.  Hit the water.

If you have any questions or would like to spend a day on the water catching fish, please email or call me.

no brainer rig

* What’s a No Brainer Rig?

It's a 5/0 circle hook with ¼, ⅜ or ½ oz. leadattached to the shank of the hook.