What fish are biting in Jacksonville, Florida?

The entire state of Florida is blessed with some of the world’s truly great recreational options for fishing. You will always find a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater options throughout the Jacksonville region and across the state, giving avid fishermen plenty of opportunities to bring home something to brag about.

The fish you can expect to find at any particular time of year will vary quite a bit based on the season. You can always expect to find the most updated information on what to expect by visiting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission online; their website is regularly updated with the latest and greatest info on what to expect out on the water.

There are some “staple” species that are more or less available continuously throughout the year; at virtually anytime you might be planning a trip, for example, you can likely expect to encounter some redfish along the way.

Do be sure to check in advance on what fish are in season; it can impact your approach and planning for your fishing trip. For example, saltwater fish are certainly not available all year long and the varying temperature in different seasons (Yes, Florida does have seasons of sorts!) can impact your big plans and itinerary for your trip.  

To learn more about all things boating in Jacksonville and northern Florida, visit the community of water lovers and boaters at the Jax Boat Club.