How to properly dock a boat?

Investing some time upfront in learning how to properly dock your boat will save you from potential embarrassment and calamity down the line when you’re out on the water. A few general tips to keep in mind as you head out onto those placid Florida waters: 

  • Don’t approach any pier at a rate faster than you’re willing to hit it; if you do ram the dock with your boat, it should be gentle enough as to cause no damage.

  • Pause before turning off the engine; it’s crucial to wait until all of your lines are secure to kill the engine, as you never know if the boat may need more maneuvering.

  • Don’t be too embarrassed to start over; don’t worry about the gawking crowd; if the wind is forcing you into an awkward position to dock the boat, try pulling away from the dock and trying your approach again. 

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