Where to Tube & Ski in the Jacksonville Area

Jacksonville is home to plenty of spots for water tubing and water skiing. The best part, you don't even need your own boat. You can use one of our boats and hit the water if you don't have one and still enjoy these great spots for tubing and skiing in Jacksonville.

kids on a tube ready to go!

With so many spots to choose from, it's hard to narrow down the list. Make sure you’ve reviewed our Cruising Area so you stay within our limits. Here are some of the top spots you can enjoy tubing and skiing in the Jacksonville area.

Jacksonville Beach

Boating off the coast of Jacksonville Beach will lead you to some great spots for water sports. While this is a great area for fishing, it's also a popular place for tubing and waterskiing. There are several reasons many boaters like to go to enjoy watersports throughout the area.

Doctors Lake

Connected to the St. Johns River, Doctors Lake offers a good choice for waters skiing. It's known as a ridable place, especially in the morning and offers a good choice for both skiing and tubing behind a boat.

Black Creek

Another top water skiing destination connected to the St. Johns River, Black Creek offers a good spot with plenty of smooth water to enjoy. It's dark due to the tannin from the oak trees found upstream and many have been skiing in this spot for decades.

St. Johns River

There are several spots along the St. Johns River perfect for water skiing and tubing. It's a huge river filled with great spots for plenty of fun. You'll find several great spots for water fun on the river.

In addition, the St. Johns River links to many lakes offering plenty of skiing and tubing opportunities. There are several great lakes throughout the Jacksonville area found off the St. Johns River perfect for water skiing and tubing.

Jacksonville is filled with plenty of places for water skiing and tubing fun. Whether you want to enjoy the thrill or enjoy lazy tubing for the day, you'll find plenty of opportunities all throughout the area. These are just a few of the many popular spots for tubing and skiing throughout the Jacksonville area.