Traveling to the NFL Jaguars Game by Boat

Is there a cooler way to make a Jaguars game than to arrive by boat? The Jacksonville Jaguars can be on your radar as a boater by following these tips. You’ll actually find that since it’s located just north of the St. Johns River, it’s really a great place to dock for the games. Take a look below to get a better idea of how you can check out a Jaguars game without parking the boat elsewhere and getting a ride in.

It’s actually one of the best modes of transport to a game

Don’t think you’re going to miss the Jaguars’ upcoming season because you are a boater. Boaters have the option to catch a game and they often find that boating in is one of the best routes to get to the game. Travel the St. Johns River until you reach Metropolitan Park Marina and you’ll be right by the action. Everbank Field will be right at your fingertips.

Make reservations now

Make sure to reserve early.  The marina opens up reservations access each year when the new Jaguars Schedule is announced.  You will need to be online within a day or two making the reservations you want.  Watch for the schedule to come out [usually around the middle of April] and immediately go to

Planning ahead for the game

If you’ve got a game in mind, you’ll want to set up your reservation for the marina early to avoid missing out. You can make reservations with the Metropolitan Park Marina online through or by calling to reserve your slip. EverBank Field will be just north of the St. Johns River and the marina allows for up to 80 boats to dock and walk right over to the field.

Now you might be wondering how long you can stay at the marina in case you want to tailgate and relax the next day. You can stay up to 72 hours in any 30-day period with the marina being open daily from 7am to dusk.

Author: MC2 (AW/SW) Leah Stiles; Source:  Wikimedia Commons

Author: MC2 (AW/SW) Leah Stiles; Source: Wikimedia Commons

What to expect at the marina

Once you’ve made your reservation for Metropolitan Park Marina, make sure you know where to go to get there. It’s located right by the field on the North Bank of the St. Johns River, just west of the channel markers R’82’ and G’81’. You’ll have easy access to downtown Jax and the Landing since it’s 1.5 miles to the west, and you can use the water taxi too to go anywhere you like downtown.

There are around 80 slip options in the marina including a few for large yachts. While the slips are available to the public, they are first-come, first-serve so early reservations will be required during games and special events.

The marina offers 20, 30, and 50 amp service that is offered for around $9 a day and no cost to you to get potable water. Don’t plan on waste disposal services but there is a boat pump out station for no cost.

Game day

Now that you’ve made it to your marina slip, you’ll have to get over to the field. Half of the fun may be tailgating at the marina before the big game, and then having the option to walk on over to the field. You’ll be able to avoid parking fees can add another expense after paying for tickets. Be sure to avoid having any open flames on the boats or the docks, but keeping your Bar-B-Q cooking to the park or bulkhead region of the docks.

The best thing you can do to plan on boating to game day is to call and make your reservations now. Don’t miss your chance to boat to an upcoming game watching your favorite Jacksonville team at EverBank Field and don’t think that you’ll have to miss this downtown fun because you travel by boat.