Offshore Fishing Holes in Jacksonville

Offshore fishing is quite a bit of fun in Jacksonville.  When you hit one of the best spots for offshore fishing and you haul in a great catch, it becomes a day you'll never forget.

The First Coast is known for offering incredible fishing with plenty of diverse choices.  Fishing offshore means you will be able to enjoy plenty of unique fishing options for grouper, kingfish and much more.  Of course, you will need to invest in the right equipment and get the right boat to safely land the trophy fish but if you do, you'll have plenty of fun out on the water.

King Mackerel

The St. Johns River and tributaries are known as great places to fish for both saltwater and freshwater special.  This inshore fishing is fun, but when you want to go offshore, you need to know the hot spots.  Here are a few of the best offshore fishing holes in Jacksonville.

Nine-Mile Reef

Ninety degrees out, two-seventy in and you'll find Nine Mile Reef.  This spot can be found with GPS and once you arrive, you'll realize it's not a single location.  It’s a large area coving several miles and offers incredible fishing.  You'll find many bottom fish here and striking fish.

It's common for anglers to catch Cobia, Cuda, Spanish Mackerel, Sea Bass and Bonito here throughout the summer.  A Sail or Blackfin Tuna will also show up in this area, occasionally.  The winter and the spring are also good times to fish, especially for bottom fishing here.

Blackman's Reef

One of the best offshore spots in Jacksonville for kingfish, sharks and amberjack, Blackman's Reef is at the edge of the cruising area for boats from Jax Boat Club.  This spot is a great offshore choice and offers plenty of good fishing.

Concrete Culverts

You won't need to go very far to find Concrete Culverts.  It's only a few miles offshore, but during the summer, it's one of the best spots for kingfish.  It's also one of the top spots for snapper and offers a similar fishing experience to the Nine-Mile Reef.

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Other Reefs

The waters near Jacksonville are filled with incredible natural and artificial reefs.  Most are great for fishing and some are found near the shore, while many are offshore.  Finding these reefs can be done with GPS coordinates, which makes it possible to find your next great offshore fishing spot.  Some of the other top reefs for offshore fishing in Jacksonville include:

  • Captain Daddy Reef

  • Tournament Reef

  • Southwest Tournament Reef

  • Montgomery’s Reef

  • Shipwrecks

Other great fishing spots you'll find offshore near Jacksonville are the sunken ships and planes all throughout the area.  There are several of these and they can also be found with the right GPS coordinates.  Some of the best shipwreck spots in the Jax Boat Club cruising area include:

  • Southeast of Jax Wreck

  • Jax Beach Wreck

  • The Spike Old Tugboat

Jacksonville is filled with great offshore fishing spots with several reefs and shipwrecks to choose from.Finding the best spots requires GPS coordinates, which are readily available.Of course, you will need the right vessel and equipment if you want to go out and land the big trophy fish.