How to pack for a boating day trip

One of the best parts of a day on the water is packing in the morning for the fun day ahead. Knowing that you’ll be out in the sunshine enjoying life is a great feeling which makes packing for a day like this more fun than most other times you need to pack. On the other hand, you do have to remember everything to have a safe and fun experience.

The heat of the summer means that you’ll need protection while boating in Jacksonville. In general, boating comes with its own challenges that require some emergency supplies to be on hand. Take a look at how to pack for a boating day trip here in the great state of Florida.

Sun protection

Possibly the most obvious point to make on this list is to remind you to pack the sunblock! While this is a given with that hot Florida sunshine, make sure to write it down on the top of your list so that your family can stay protected from sunburns.

Boating is going to exacerbate the problem since the sun will reflect from the water. Pack your sunscreen and a lip balm with UV protection, but also be sure to bring clothing options that will allow you to cover up your body from excessive exposure.

lady applying sunscreen

Extra clothing

Speaking of clothing, you should pack extras of everything from swimsuits to sunglasses to water shoes. If you end up with an item of clothing going missing or someone forgot something, having a backup will allow for the fun to continue. You may soak through that first towel or need an extra hat for someone on board, so having extras will make life easier for everyone.


You can’t hit the water without having plenty of water and some snacks on board. Make sure to pack water and sports drinks while skipping the sodas and alcohol. If you still want to pack these things, drink lightly on them and avoid drinking and driving completely.

These drinks will dehydrate you so you will need to drink extra water. Make sure to have food like pretzels, fruit, celery, and other things to munch on after you burn extra calories getting in the water. The kids will need something to eat without a doubt.

bringing refreshments onboard

Weather radar

It is Florida after all and we tend to get rain every afternoon in the summer, storms in the month of May, hurricanes in the fall, and chilly weather in the winter. That’s why it’s important to have access to the current weather and make sure that you can get back to the dock in the event that something bad is headed your way. Make sure to be prepared by checking the weather before you go out, and keeping an eye on it while you’re on the water.

check the radar - hot sun animation

Safety equipment

Lastly, but most importantly, you need to have safety equipment ready for the day. Have everything you need onboard, starting with life jackets for each person that fit properly. Have all of the supplies and equipment ready to go for a safe day on the water and safe passengers as well. Of course, if you’re a member of Jax Boat Club, all the safety equipment is provided by the club for every outing

child wearing a life jacket

When you start packing for a boat day, make sure to include these tips above!