How to Determine the Type of Boat You’ll Need

When it comes to hitting the water at the Jax Boat Club, there are many great boating options to keep things enjoyable for you and your whole group. Whether you are fishing, waterskiing, or just cruising the ICW there is a specific boat for all interests.

Every activity on the water offers the chance to try a distinctive style of boat, which is why joining JBC is so remarkable, as a boat club has most of the options you would need. You don’t want to find yourself on a cruising boat trying to catch fish, or a fishing boat wishing you could go tubing. Take a look at what type of boat options there are and how to determine what you’ll need when you hit the water.

Fishing boats

If you are trying to work on your fishing game, it is important to find the proper fishing boat and not to fish from another style of boat. With the Jax Boat Club, you will be able to reserve excellent fishing boat options in a variety of styles.

Almost all JBC fishing boats are pet-friendly and they come in sizes as small as the Key West for the skinny water with a maximum capacity of 3 people and as large as the Wellcraft for offshore fishing designed for 8 people. Other options include the 21’ Sea Chaser by Carolina Skiff, or the Pro Sport 17 and Tidewater 20’. All the fishing boats are equipped with GPS, Sonar, and live bait wells.

Waterskiing & Cruising boats

When it comes to getting active on the water, you will need an entirely different vessel to allow your crew to feel the power of the waves. A water skier, wakeboarder and tuber will need the right sports boats to pull them to get to the correct speed and make some waves.  

Great options for water sports are the Monterey Bow Riders, the Chaparral Bow Rider 22 and Nauticstar Sport Deck 21.  You will find that cruising the water is a dream in the Rinker Express Yacht 35 that can seat up to 10 people as there is nothing more spectacular than cruising down the ICW with your friends. You will love getting to put up some shade in the Regal Sundeck Bow Rider 24 when the sun is shining and you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The newest member to the fleet, the Stingray Deck Boat 22, is another choice when cruising with a group of friends as it seats up to 11 people.  When it comes to your boating needs this weekend, make sure you have selected a boat that suits the activity you plan to do. Don’t make it a fishing trip combined with a watersport trip; you’ll want to narrow it down to make sure you get the boat you need most. See you on the docks!

determining your boat type