Boating Tips for the Spring in Florida

It’s finally that time of year when the warm temps are starting to come back and the cold winter season is gone for a quite a while.  The holiday décor is put away, the winter clothes are packed up for the rest of the year, and now it’s time to start thinking spring.

This glorious time of year is the gateway to prime boating season and likely your favorite part of being a Floridian.  Get ready for summer boating now by taking advantage of “Spring cleaning” or really Spring maintenance on your boat, and be aware of some of these tips when it comes to boating in the Spring in Jacksonville.

Spring boat maintenance

Just like Spring cleaning your home, now is the time to work on some tasks when it comes to boat maintenance.  For starters you should be focused on upkeep of the boat to ensure things are safe and secure.  You can do this by getting a tune up with your mechanic before the busy summer season comes in.  Get a tune-up done now so that you can ensure you have full fluids, a smooth running motor, and an oil change.

If you’re a member of Jax Boat Club you don’t have to worry about this - we take care of all of it!!!  If you’re not a member, you should seriously consider selling us your boat and let us remove all of the aggravation from your boating.

spring cleaning your boat

Next you’ll want to make sure your trailer is setup for success from tires with enough air, breaks and lights all working properly, and checking for signs of corrosion on the body.  You can talk to a trailer service for help with all these tasks.

Don’t forget to stock up on the necessary safety gear to have a good boating year.  This means that you have plenty of life jackets for all of the people allowed on the boat at once and emergency supplies.  Check your flares and extinguishers for expiration dates because it may be time to replace these items.

Lastly, make this the time you focus on cleaning everything inside the boat and out.  You may not have thought about the bottom of your boat, but this it he time to scrape away all of that stuff stuck to the bottom.  You’ll have a smoother ride if you get the bottom pressure cleaned, scraped, and even painted before keeping it in the water for a long period of time this year.  You’ll likely find algae, barnacles, and sea creatures stuck to the bottom and affecting your smooth ride.

Staying warm after winter effects

This time of year is nearly perfect for boating since it’s finally warm again without being too extreme.  On the flip side, you’ll be dealing with post-winter effects when it comes to cooler water and sometimes cooler, gloomy days.

After some windy, chilly winter days with choppy cold waters, you’re probably eager to enjoy the sunnier days ahead, but it’s important to be prepared for what this season is like.  You’ll want to make sure you’ve packed enough layers to keep warm if the weather cools in the evening.  Maybe even have some warm liquids available on board.  Be sure to be very aware of the weather, dress properly for the forecast.

Types of fish to expect in the Spring

You will also want to continue those regular fishing trips.  Take a look at our Fishing Report for some great specific info on boating in April & May.   Link to JBC Fishing Report.

If you’re starting your spring boating season, make sure you’re aware of the possibility of winter weather sneaking in once in a while, cold water temps from the winter, boat maintenance needs, and how to stay safe and have fun this time of year.  Take care of your boat now, so that your summer can be easy and fun on the great waters of Jacksonville.